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About RoomBites Online Travel Agency
About RoomBites

About RoomBites Online Travel Agency

Roombites Ltd. is an online travel agency, designed and built to serve one clearly defined purpose - provide the right hotel room for you. Our expertise is focused on just one particular aspect of the business-travel world – accommodation. It is this peculiarity, which makes us stand out among the rest.

We do not sell travel packages; we do not pretend to have the most extensive network of airline carriers and transfer companies; we have no intentions of throwing overwhelming numbers at you to impress you.

We can proudly and confidently state, though, that when it comes to hotel accommodation during trade fairs and medical congresses, the right solution for you needs can be offered by our accommodation experts.

Our business model lies in simplicity and is easily described – we monitor the market, prescreen the hotel offers, pick up the ones that matter and then we start negotiating.

Still not convinced we are the right provider for you? It is free to try – comparing rates with us is cost-free and bears no obligations.

RoomBites Ltd
VAT: BG 202424107 
11A Nikola Kanev Str 
9000 Varna, Bulgaria
phone: +359 52 995 964
fax: +359 52 911 419

Travel agent License # РК-01-7110
IATA Code: 96074775

Your key benefits

  • No booking/reservation fees – our services are absolutely free of charge (we prefer to negotiate our commission with the hotels and our partners rather than charge our customers a fee);
  • A synergy of directly contracted allotments and supplier-provided B2B rates with only one goal – to provide you with the optimal accommodation solution;
  • A team of focused, dedicated, multilingual professional willing to take the extra step, so that you can rest assured that your needs are being looked after;

Bite a room for

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