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Messe Frankfurt Congress Center

Messe Frankfurt Congress Center

Messe Frankfurt spans on around 400.000 m² and operates successfully for over 100 years to prove itself as one of the most significant venues in the world.

About Messe Frankfurt

Messe Frankfurt

Located in the heart of this central German city, Messe Frankfurt is often  described as a "city within a city." This huge and dynamic complex features over 90 halls, congress rooms, conference halls and event locations which total 400 237 square metres of available space. Most of these are flexible and entirely suitable for all kinds of events.

On the 59 506 square metres of grounds which surround Messefrankfurt, you will also find slightly more than 100 bars, restaurants, cafes and other places to eat. Plus, there are first aid stations and WiFi connection points enough for any needs.

With excellent links to the highly efficient German transport network - Frankfurt Airport is only a 15-minute drive away and there is a suburban railway station in the centre of the grounds as well as underground and tram stations directly adjacent – the Messe in Frankfurt caters to more than 280 events each and every year.

The venue offers catering, equipment, logistics and equipment hire and even consulting services too. These round out Congress Center Messe Frankfurt's qualifications as perhaps the perfect Frankfurt exhibition, meeting, trade fair or conference space.

Messe Frankfurt

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Travel information

2.8 km from downtown Frankfurt
14.5 km from international airport
0.35 km from Frankfurt (Main) Messe

How to get there:

By Car
GPS 50.110416; 8.647736, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, Frankfurt, Germany
If you travel by car to Messe Frankfurt, just follow the integrated traffic management system, it shows you the shortest way to the fairgrounds. 

By Rail 
If you start your journey from the main train station in Frankfurt, S-bahn lines S3, S4, S5 and S6 will then take you directly to exhibitions halls (station: “Frankfurt Messe”).

By Plane
The journey to Frankfurt Airport takes 15 minutes by car. S-Bahn suburban train lines S8 or S9 (in the direction of Hanau or Offenbach Ost ) can be used.


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