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In vino veritas
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In vino veritas




“In vino veritas” has become a phrase for the world of wine. Wine is tradition and wine exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. Business representatives from different countries and regions converge and exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.

Winemakers always try to find new sales markets, therefore wine exhibitions are very attractive for them.

Wine is tradition, culture, celebration and so much more. The wine market respectively is growing at an extremely high rate.

Winemakers, enologists, sommeliers, retailers and other professionals will have the opportunity to taste elite quality wines and spirits of the highest class as well as to attend presentations of new crops and brands with a unique flavor. And most importantly they can create useful business contacts.

Taking part in wine exhibitions is one of the most effective ways to raise the quality of your products and set reasonable prices; every producer needs to sincerely devote their energy to raising product quality.


Exhibitions and fairs pose great real-life examinations for producers. Distributors and consumers get to meet each other face-to-face there and build a harmonious relationship. This is also the best opportunity to reach out to potential clients, get to know more people in the trade. Exhibitions can also be the place to collect information about the market, competitors and successful companies can lead to new marketing ideas.

Certainly, exhibitions are also the best time for new product announcements and branding events, so as to raise brand awareness.

Experienced business owners will always gain something from an exhibition. After all, one company or one entrepreneur can never reach so many people by themselves. 



All this and much more you can find in the best Wine and Spirits Exhibitions:


A good beginning is half the battle. You can begin in one of the famous exhibitions:


ProWein 2015 - be part of it!


From March 15-17, 2015, the wine world will focus on Düsseldorf, Germany, site of one of Europe’s most important wine festivals: ProWein2015




48,858 visitors from 148 countries were counted through Vinexpo’s entrance gates in 2013.

Taking place from 14-18 June the show will include the usual line-up of tastings and seminars but there will also be a greater emphasis on gastronomy for the first time in the show’s 18 year history, with award-winning chefs presenting food and wine matching workshops.

Vinexpo is an essential partner for wine and spirits professionals everywhere in the world.



Vinexpo Asia-Pacific


Vinexpo Asia-Pacific, the professional wine and spirits exhibition in Asia welcomed a record number of Asian buyers .

One of Vinexpo Asia-Pacific’s strengths is undoubtedly the large number of producer countries and regions represented by its exhibitors. This international exhibition is the largest wine and spirits showcase in Asia. 10,500 sq. m of stand floor space was assigned to 1,050 exhibitors from 28 countries. Every visitor could learn about wines from all the major producing countries: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Chile, the US, Austria, Argentina, Portugal.


The Vinitaly exhibition attracts more than 4 000 exhibitors from 22 different nationalities. The impressive 135 000 visitors attend the expo.


London International Wine Fair


The London Wine Fair serves as a presentation platform for wine producers, agents and wholesalers. Around 14 000 visitors come to London to keep track with the latest trends in the wine industry.


Millésime BIO


The international wine fair attracts exhibitors and visitors directly involved with the production and sale of bio wines and spirits.


You get to choose the exhibition and we will offer you the best hotels for it!

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