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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I prepay my accommodation to you?

Accommodation arrangement during trade fairs, medical congresses and busy periods in general differ significantly from the leisure market. The prepayment is a guarantee that your room is 100 % secure with zero chance of relocation, unavailability or “a broken pipe” that requires you to move to another property.

Can I book through you and pay at the hotel?

This is also possible – however, please note that you cannot avail of the rates published on We can still arrange your booking, but you will need to pay it at the current rates at the hotel, which are normally higher than our offers.

Is payment secure with you?

If you opt for an online credit card payment, your credit card details are processed by an external payment gate and are not stored on our servers.Your details are submitted and processed via an encrypted connection. We use the latest 3-D security provided by VISA and MasterCard
In case that you decide for an offline credit card payment by filling in a credit card authorization form, then we will keep your personal details for as long as the bank providing us with the POS unit requires us to.

Can I pay with an AMEX?

AMEX payments can only be carried out offline, which means that you will have to provide us with a filled-in payment authorization form.

Can I pay with a bank transfer?

Yes, this is the possible; you have the necessary bank details at the bottom of your pro-forma invoice.

The cancellation terms on my invoice/booking confirmation are different from your general terms and conditions, why?

The general T&C are in force unless otherwise specified in your invoice/booking confirmation. If you have a set of terms explicitly noted on the invoice/booking confirmation, then these prevail.

Why should I notify you of my late arrival when I have prepaid my room in full?

In general, hotels have the right to cancel your reservation if you fail to submit a late arrival notice even though the accommodation has been prepaid in full. Please treat this with the necessary level of consideration.

Why should I present the voucher/booking confirmation at check-in?

Even though hotels have your name in their internal reservation system, your voucher is your guarantee that the accommodation has been prepaid in full. Our contact details are on the voucher/booking confirmation, so that the hotel employee can easily reach us in case of discrepancy between the information stated on your voucher and the information displayed in their internal system.

I called the hotel, but they could not find my name, why?

Please note that we process a significant number of bookings every day. Our contracts with the different properties allow us to keep the rooms to a certain deadline without the obligation of disclosing the guest name. Please rest assured that your reservation is secure, your name will be disclosed to the hotel no later than 2 (two) weeks prior to arrival. Still, if you insist to double check your booking details with the hotel, do let us know, so that we disclose your name at an earlier stage.

What is an option?

The option gives you the right to avail of a certain room(s) at a rate fixed at the time when the option has been provided. The option bears no obligation. It gives you the security that the room(s) is blocked for you for the duration of the option and the rate is not subject to change. However, please note that options expire automatically, meaning that if you do not avail within the option time-spell, the room will be released to our sales agent to sell and the rate might be updated, should you decide to contact us at a later stage.

Why should I communicate any changes with you if I can simply call the hotel?

Please note that you have booked your accommodation through us, not directly with the hotel. Hence, the hotel is obliged to receive and honour only the changes transmitted to them through Roombites. Should you decide to contact the hotel directly, we bear no responsibility for any issues that might arise thereof.

The hotel promised to refund the amount for my cancellation, why don’t you refund the amount back to me?

Please note that the terms of cancellation that we have with the hotels and suppliers we work with are subject to the contracts we have with them. These terms and conditions are normally not available for the hotel employee that promised a refund to you. Still, should you get an oral promise from a hotel employee for a refund, make sure you get that in writing along with the name and position of that person and send this to us. No refund demands will be even considered unless we have that statement in writing, signed by the relevant person.

Can you keep my room under my company name?

This is not always possible and depends on the hotel you would like to book. Please consult your reservation agent.



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