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SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017 - the largest international exhibition of welding, cutting and surface treatment
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SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017 - the largest international exhibition of welding, cutting and surface treatment

The exhibition has been held since 1952 with a frequency of once every four years and is the leading world event in the field of welding technologies. SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2013 convincingly highlighted its position as the number one exhibition in the world of welding, cutting and surfacing technologies. With the volume of transactions concluded at the exhibition amounting to more than 2 billion Euros, the expectations of the 1017 exhibitors from 40 countries were significantly surpassed.
The event is visited by manufacturers of equipment for the metal industry, steel mills and companies, representatives of the automotive, chemical, construction, aerospace industry, providers of related services (coating, packaging, logistics, market sales and promotion). The exhibition and events  are attended by companies from France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Russia, USA, Turkey, China, India.

Due to the reconstruction work on the territory of the exhibition complex of the organizer MESSE ESSEN, the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN exhibition will be in Düsseldorf from 25 to 29 September 2017.

SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN provides participants and visitors with a complete overview of the current developments and innovations of the industry. The main sectors of SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN are welding technologies, automation, quality assurance, safety, adhesion binding. 
Special events are also very popular among the participants and visitors of SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN. 

In hall №14 there will be 3 competitions of the best and beginning national and foreign welders:

The 12th competition of the German Welding Society (DVS) "Young welders" is a competition for the most talented and professional German welders (gas welding, manual welding with metal arc, welding of metals with active gas);
European cup of the best welders;
International competition for the best welders from around the world. Young welders from around the world will be able to participate in this event and evaluate their skills and the skills of their colleagues.
All competitions are based on the European and international requirements "Certification tests of welders" in accordance with the International Standard ISO 9606-1.
The 2nd competition of welding metals by robots will be held in hall number 13. The main focus will be the perfect knowledge about welding and complex programming skills.

The Congress Center of Dusseldorf will host the DVS Congress. It will include a large welding conference and a student congress of the German Welding Society (DVS) within the framework of the world exhibition SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2017.
The scientific Innovative Forum on new technologies, which has for many years taken its place on SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN, will once again be held. The forum will include workshops in which academics, manufacturers and users of the industry will present their developments and exchange experience. SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN is considered to be the key event among the world's industrial exhibitions. Visitors and exhibitors from all 5 continents are attracted not only by the scale of the exposition, but also by the well-deserved reputation of an effective platform for the development of successful business.

Exhibition profile:

Installations, equipment and technologies for welding metals and plastics, coatings, high- and low-temperature soldering, surfacing, thermal spraying and heat treatment, production of filler and welding materials.
Connecting, cutting and coating of metallic and non-metallic compounds.
Completely mechanized and automatic setting (for adhesive bonding / adhesives application / dosing device).
Accessories and welding materials.
Application of gases and gas mixtures for welding, cutting and surfacing.
Measuring equipment and test methods.

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