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EMO HANNOVER 2017 - the leading International Exhibition of Metalworking Equipment
The No. 1 event in the world of machine-building fairs - EMO - invariably attracts a wide world audience, both in the ranks of exhibitors and professional visitors. At EMO Hannover, more than 2,000 exhibitors will showcase their innovations. The show represents a full range of products, services and solutions for the industrial sector. The number of visitors - 140 000 from more than 100 countries around the world!

This year the event will take place at Messe Hannover from 18-th to 23-rd September 2017. Manufacturers of metal processing equipment from around the world will once again be able to confirm their strength and innovative power. Highly qualified specialists from different countries will see the full range of metal-working equipment, primarily machines, production systems, precision tools, materials flow automation, computer technology, electronic equipment and components for industrial use. In the professional environment, the EMO exhibition enjoys a well-known reputation as a meeting place for the most competent manufacturers and consumers. Since machine building is closely linked with metalworking, automotive industry, IT, scientific research, representatives of these industries will also be present at the most important show of modern achievements. Producers and developers of production equipment, technologies and robotics will monitor promising directions.

Thematic sections of the exhibition:


  • Metal-cutting machines and forge-and-press equipment
  • Equipment for sheet metal and wire processing, molding equipment
  • Equipment for thermal, electrochemical and any other metal processing
  • Surface treatment equipment and technology of thin films. 
  • Software products for any process equipment
  • Control systems
  • Components for flexible automation
  • CAD / PCS
  • Quality management systems
  • Robots and automation
  • Materials management and storage technology
  • Industrial electronics, sensors and diagnostic tools
  • Precision, diamond and measuring tools
  • Stamping tools
  • Equipment and systems for the production of tools, forms, prototypes, models
  • Control and measuring equipment
  • Lubricating and cooling materials
  • Equipment for welding, cutting, hardening, heating of metal
  • Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic components for process equipment

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