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Agritechnica 2017 - the international exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment
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Agritechnica 2017 - the international exhibition of agricultural machinery and equipment

Agritechnica – the exhibition of agricultural machinery – is recognized as the world’s premier showcase of the agricultural sector. In 2017 the event will be held from 12 to 18 November in Germany in the city of Hanover in the exhibition center Deutsche Messe Hannover. This is the place, where every two years the latest technologies are showcased and the most up-to-date trends and prospects of agriculture are discussed.

The general course of Germany on the introduction of digital technology has affected the nature of the exhibition. There is great progress in the field of automation solutions and resource savings by using sensors and GPS monitoring systems to "live out of the crib." One of the promising areas has become the reasonable agriculture (Smart Farming).

Here you can see a wide variety of different techniques used in agriculture: tractors, combine harvesters, vegetable-growing and forestry equipment, and much more. Particular attention is attracted to the section "World Soil and Tillage Show." It is expected that in 2017 more than two thousand companies will take part in the exhibition. In addition to the exhibition and presentations of new technology, participants and visitors will be able to attend thematic seminars, conferences and forums. In 2017, one of the most urgent topics again will be bio energy, the  technologies of its use, and renewable sources of energy.

Thematic sections that will be presented at the exhibition:

  • Tractors and vehicles, vehicles for transportation
  • Machines and implements for tillage and sowing
  • Machines and tools for caring for crops and plants
  • Machines and implements for the application of fertilizers and plant protection products
  • Machines and tools for sprinkling, irrigation and drainage
  • Machines and tools for harvesting cereals, corn and canola
  • Machines and tools for harvesting forages and cultivated crops
  • Machines and tools for processing, transporting, preserving and storing of the crops
  • Machines and tools for fruit growing, gardening, vegetable growing
  • Grounds Care equipment
  • Forest equipment
  • Agricultural means of production
  • Components, spare parts and accessories
  • Vegetable raw materials for industry and bio energy
  • Direct implementation
  • Management, maintenance, additional services
  • Information and special displays and consultations
  • Used equipment trade

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